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In this 7 Step Blueprint, I’m going to reveal the exact strategies that I learned in growing multiple businesses to profit in less than 60 days. This resulted in opening my first franchise and generating over $30,000 in sales our second month, and $470,000 our first year. 
I then went on to do over $2.5million in sales.  
Forget all the B.S. about how businesses don’t make money until the 3rd year. If you read and APPLY the tools in this Blueprint, success is not a matter of IF, it’s only a matter of WHEN. 
  • Right Industry. Get the inside scoop on picking the right industry, at the right time.
  • Profit Predicting. This rarely used tool will help you predict your profitability to the day.
  • #1 Thing. Learn the #1 thing you must do first to ensure you profit (most people don't do this).
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